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Stem Creative is a web-based video strategy and production company in New Zealand. We have re-assessed the way in which media is being created, distributed and consumed and have come up with an entirely new business model. We call it digital thinking. Stem harnesses the latest in technology and pairs that with insightful and creative direction to bring you effective and engaging content at a realistic price. We assess every project individually and are willing to flex depending on specific needs. This means no wasted costs or compromises, and that every project is made to its full potential. There’s a reason we are called Stem; it’s because we believe that every great story stems from a great idea. We get to the heart of a brand or an idea, and we communicate its essence through image. Oh, and we also run a photography studio in Wellington City.

How it works
It’s pretty simple, really. Give us call or flick us an email and tell us what you’re thinking. After we’ve got a little bit of info/context from you, we quote you up and start the planning. For larger projects, we are more than happy to pitch some concepts before the quoting process. We’re all about people and we want to make things as painless and fun as possible!
What we use
We use a plethora of gear and gadgets to make your story stand out. We have our own production rigs and editing suites, and can hire in any other gear we might possibly need. From a Canon 5D Mark III to a RED EPIC, we’re more than schooled with the variety of gear out there. We’ve even got a little brother company that operates Unmanned aerial vehicles! Check them out here.
What it costs
We don’t like to stick ‘package’ rates out there, as every job is unique and requires its own time and development. We’re always happy to quote for work, even if you’re just thinking about it. With that being said, Stem’s business model is built around efficiency and value, so you can be rest assured you’ll always be getting the full bang for your buck.

Some of our Clients


  • MSD
  • L’Oreal
  • DNA
  • Garage Project
  • Intergen

Our Services

There's more to online video than getting out an iphone and posting something on youtube. It requires a certain craft.


 Video Strategy

At Stem, Video Strategy is where our strength lies. We don’t want to head out there and produce content without mapping it out first. A strong strategic approach to video is essential in connecting with your audience and leaving them with an impression. With the majority of Stem’s work being online, we have significant experience with online campaigns and strategies. 


Video Production

As they say, this is where the rubber hits the road. Stem uses the latest production equipment and technology to bring your story to life. Starting with your 5D Mark III and moving all the way over to your RED Epic, we will use whatever gear the job warrants. We take a huge amount of pride in our ability to capture stories from a unique perspective, bringing even the most mundane content to life in a way that’s rich, economical and aesthetically stunning. If you think that sounds like a big call, then head on over to our videos and have a good nosey. We’re confident you’ll soon agree.



Photography / Studio

Whether you need a studio shoot, some architectural shots or even an event captured, we have broad experience when it comes to capturing stills. Stem also runs a pretty awesome photography studio in central Wellington. 



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